RCMP warn of phone and Internet fraud

By RCMP Staff Sergeant Mac Richards

Fraudulent activities (scams) are unfortunately too common.

Over the past number of months a number of different scams have taken place.

In all, the common denominator is someone asking you to put up money to receive something.

These are usually unsolicited calls originating from outside of Alberta.

We have seen investment opportunities, extended warranties, and claims of family members in some sort of trouble.

These all turn out to be false and in many cases it is impossible to trace where the fraud originated.

If you are contacted by phone, internet or mail asking you for money or advising that you have won a prize be careful.

Not all requests are fraudulent but be aware of who and what you are giving money to.

Editor’s Note:

There are a number of websites that can assist the public in keeping abreast of the latest scams, including www.phonebusters.com and www.telus.com/scams.

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