Secular Education to be offered in Morinville for 2011 / 2012 school...

Secular Education to be offered in Morinville for 2011 / 2012 school year

Submitted by Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division

Morinville – Beginning September, 2011, Sturgeon School Division will be the service provider for secular
education in Morinville, AB. Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools, the Catholic Public School
Division in the Town of Morinville, provides the following background regarding the
development of this program:

  • As has been expressed by 94% of those recently surveyed regarding the establishment
    of this program, the lengthy history and effectiveness of Catholic education has and
    should continue to serve the Community of Morinville in a manner that does not
    impact existing programs promised to students within our schools.
  • We recognize that parental choice for education should be freely chosen. For this
    reason we have offered accessibility for the secular program within the Town, to the
    Community Hall and to modular classrooms that will be positioned next to Georges P.
    Vanier Elementary School. Final placement of the modular classrooms will be at the
    discretion of Alberta Infrastructure. Sturgeon School Division will develop the secular
    education programs from these stand-alone sites.
  • The establishment and development of the new program is taking place in exactly the
    same manner that programs new to communities in this province as offered by
    Francophone, Catholic, or Charter Schools evolve. In all of the previous examples,
    space is always provided according to expressed interest for the program as
    determined by enrollments.
  • We expect that through the excellent efforts of Sturgeon School Division, the program
    will evolve as has normally occurred for new educational programs offered elsewhere
    in the province. Greater St. Albert Catholic School Board will concurrently engage in
    immediate planning with the Government of Alberta so that in the future, sufficient
    classroom space will be provided in a manner that does not impact our ability to
    provide a faith based program that enables educational excellence to continue in a
    manner that parents appreciate and expect.
  • Since a goal of a Catholic School system is to further growth and expression of
    Christian values and teachings at every relationship between students and staff, a
    program that does not share in this belief cannot be blended within our existing
    learning environments. This explains the need to develop the growth of secular
    education in an environment that completely separates existing faith based programs,
    from education that is free from religious expression. This helps to explain a
    fundamental condition that the Board will place upon the accessibility of program space with Alberta Education for the future.

“We are extremely pleased that within such a short timeline we are now able to help parents receive an educational alternative that they prefer for their children,” states Board Chair LauriĀ”-Ann Turnbull. “We are always interested in ensuring that the common good is respected through all that we do. For this reason, we thank the Town of Morinville for being patient with the development of this opportunity that can now naturally develop in serving this outcome in the years to come.”

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