Centennial fountain bubbles over

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Photos by Lucie Roy

Morinville – The Centennial Fountain was the target of pranksters late Friday night or early Saturday morning. A frothy white mound was seen erupting out of the top of the recently unveiled monument early Saturday morning by volunteers working on the St. Jean Baptiste Church landscaping.

Either someone decided to kick it old school by doing their laundry in the park or just thought dumping soap into the fountain was a good way to show how clever they were. In either case, the application of soap to the fountain bubbled over on Saturday morning leaving someone else to clean up the problem.

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  1. I am not surprised and neither should you be. Maybe instead of all the money our town council is putting into contributing to these type things, such as a fountain, enourmous cost of upgrading the town building, looking at redoing the st jean baptist park they should finally consider what they could have put this money into that would have given our youth something to do in this town. This has been an ongoing complaint as long as I have lived in this town which is now 23 years. Amazing how it appears our council is so willing to spend our tax dollars on ridulous things, instead of the youth that are so quickly to be judged.

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