Aspen residents get theatrical

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The Aspen Drama Club put on a production of The Goat Who Hated Easter by Mary Engquist May 15. The comedic skit was produced and directed by Aspen Recreation Aide Patti McLelland. Cast members included Vera Uchacz as Mama Duck, Edith Kowalski as Papa Duck and Debra King as Mama Goat. The production was originaly supposed to be performed prior to Easter but had to be rescheduled due to illness.

Aspen resident Thalia Chritchley played two different characters in the Aspen Drama Club production of The Goat Who Hated Easter.

Jeanne Forrest played the part of Baby Goat and Edith Kowalski was Papa Goat.

Aspen residents Vera Uchacz as Mama Duck, Jeanne Forrest as Baby Goat, Edith Kowalski as Papa Goat and Debra King as Mama Goat.

Some of the farm animals hiding behind the big rock in the Drama Club production.

Vera Uchacz as Mama Duck.

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