Letter: Morinville’s generosity

Dear Editor:

A family friend is currently housing two couples from Ft. McMurray, additionally, another family friend was trapped in a northern camp during the recent evacuation. My daughter, 18, watched the news daily and was horrified by the devastation and displacement of families.

Last week, my husband donated some time at the relief center at Kingsway, he noted how polite the evacuees were and that there was a serious shortage of pillows, blankets and men’s pants. He came home with this information, and our daughter took it to heart.

She organized a bottle drive for May the 14th, she put together teams of drivers and runners and worked out routes for each to follow, she also invited those friends from Ft. McMurray to come along.

Morinville is a generous town with a lot of heart! With her friends, she collected $630.75! That will buy a lot of blankets, pillows and men’s pants. I just wanted to let everyone know that their donation will go a long way! I am also so proud of these high school kids who took the time to participate in something that would in no way benefit them. Take heart, these are the people we leave our future to and it is indeed bright!

Bev Lussier

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