Norman Foote show proves everybody sings


Entertainer Norman Foote brought a Halloween-themed show to Morinville Thursday night as part of the Theatre Matters free show series. Approximately 500 adults and children watched the Foote and about 100 local students in full costume sing a number of songs.

“They are part of the show, and it’s a really interesting mix because it brings a lot of excitement,” Foote told Morinville News prior to the show. “They really perform and bring the show at a really interesting level.”

Foote was not content to let just his costumed choir sing – he had the adults singing along as well.

Norman Foote began his career as a street performer in Australia when he was 20. While in Australia, he developed an interest in puppetry and physical comedy through his association with a traveling theatre troupe. Today, Foote combines all three disciplines in his concert series throughout North America.

– Stephen Dafoe Photos


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