Government seeking public input on Alberta’s workplace laws

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by Morinville News Staff

The government is reviewing Alberta’s labour legislation and inviting Albertans to take part in the review.

The current work on the legislation focuses on the Employment Standards Code and the Labour Relations Code, last revised significantly in 1988.

The two pieces of legislation cover hours of work, overtime, general holidays, special leaves, and collective bargaining rules. The government says some of the province’s workplace rules are out-of-step with the rest of Canada, and in need of review.

“Alberta has some of the oldest labour laws in the country,” Christina Gray, Minister of Labour. “Work life in Alberta has changed a lot over the last 30 years, and we need to ensure our laws are kept up to date. We want to ensure Albertans can go to work and contribute to our economy while still being able to care for themselves and their families.”

The government says it’s looking for input on Maternity, parental and compassionate care leaves; introducing leave for the care of critically ill children; other job-protected leaves about the federal Employment Insurance program; the collective bargaining process; and improving enforcement and administration.

The NDP say their reviews will include direct engagement with business and industry associations, trade unions and social agencies over the coming weeks.

Albertans have until April 18 to provide their input and can do so by visiting

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