Orijen Sabretooths lose first game of spring league

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by Morinville News Staff

With all teams entering Round Two of Edmonton Youth Basketball League’s spring league, someone had to suffer their first loss.

Unfortunately, for the Morinville Orijen Sabretooth Midget Girls, that loss was theirs.

The girls fell 68-57 to the Raiders.

In a high fowl-count game, the Sabretooths played through until the final buzzer.

They ended the first quarter trailing the Raiders 29-7, but closed the gap to 38-23 at the half.

The second half saw the Sabretooths come within 11 with a 53-42 third quarter finish. Unfortunately, the gap was maintained for the Raiders, who ended game one of Round Two with a 68-58 win.

The Midget Girls take to the court May 9 to face the SBA Tsunami.

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