Dafoe moves motion to record all votes of Council in minutes

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by Tristan Turner
Morinville News Correspondent

Councillor Stephen Dafoe gave a notice of motion, a statement of intent, saying he will bring forward a motion at a future meeting of Council, on recording all votes from Council in the publicly accessible meeting minutes. Specifically, the motion would record how all councillors in the minority voted, therefore, all names that are recorded would have offered the opposite opinion to the prevailing vote by Council.

There was limited discussion from Council aside from Mayor Holmes, who commented that in 2011, Council had made this change and reversed it “on the advice of a lawyer”.

Administration was directed from the Mayor and Dafoe to include a legal opinion from a lawyer on whether that would be legally allowed.

This opinion will be included in the discussion at the next meeting of council.

Several municipalities in the region, including Sturgeon County and the City of St. Albert, record votes in the minutes.

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  1. So – if “…other municipalities in the region…” record votes, why can’t we??

    With some folks kicking into election mode (yeah, I know – a little early, right?) I’m wondering if our Mayor is only concerned about the general public being able to keep track of her voting and / or flip-flop habits (??). I wonder if she ‘remembers’ who that particular lawyer was.

    At any rate, while this media outlet records the votes in it’s stories on Council, I believe that it would be far easier for interested parties to keep tabs on this information and be in a better position to make an informed decision come election day.

    Have a nice day…

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