Alberta apologizes to Sixties Scoop survivors

Reading Time: 2 minutesAlberta officially apologized for past practices that led to the removal of Indigenous children from their families. Known as the Sixties Scoop, the government says the actions lead to a loss of culture, identity and connection to their communities, and those impacts are still felt by survivors and their families today. The apology is part of Alberta’s reconciliation efforts.


National Column: Peace doesn’t need Trump

Reading Time: 3 minutesU.S. President Donald Trump may have cancelled his planned summit with North Korean dictator Kim
Jong Un (although even that is unclear). But it seems that plans for bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula will carry on anyway ñ with or without America. […]

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Letter: Open letter to municipalities from AUMA

Reading Time: 2 minutesFor months now, we have been following with interest, concern, and consternation the debate between Alberta and B.C. about the Trans Mountain pipeline. We have heard much about how the project will benefit residents of Alberta, of B.C., of Canadians overall. […]

Editorial & Opinion

Editorial: Mock collision an important high school event

Reading Time: 1 minuteSirens screamed through the streets behind Morinville Community High School (MCHS) Wednesday morning. Police and firefighters arrived at the scene of a two-vehicle collision that claimed the life of one teenager and a ten-year-old girl and saw a young man charged with impaired driving. […]