Letter: Concerns about increased transport traffic on 100 Avenue

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Dear Morinville News,

I am writing to express my thoughts regarding the semi-truck traffic through our town each day.

As you are aware, Morinville has achieved success with its residential growth, founding and new businesses and community spirit. We are fortunate to be able to enjoy amenities such as parks, historic buildings, small and large businesses, sports facilities, entertainment venues within easily navigated distances.

I am concerned with the semi-truck traffic and their impact on our community, our wildlife and our selves We are being subjected to ground vibrations that may be damaging our buildings old and new, exhaust pollution, noise pollution, accident risks and possible contamination.

If the individuals driving their trucks have no business dealings in town and use Highway 642 for convenience, I wonder if some of this traffic could be diverted or reduced.

Thank you for your time.

Joanne Wurtz

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