Town to start sending pet registration reminders by email

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by Morinville News Staff

The Town is creating a mailing list of animal owners to be able to send registration reminders next time around. You’ll be able to provide that information when you renew your dog or cat registration, which is due by Jan. 31, 2019.

Under Morinville’s Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw dogs or cats inside Morinville Town limits are subject to registration.

For animals previously registered in 2018, the cost of renewal is $10 per animal and you will use the same tag you have. If new tags are required, the cost is $10 per tag.

New animals or previously unregistered animals will cost $100 per animal if the dog or cat is unaltered, $50 if it is neutered or spayed, $50 if it is tattooed or microchipped, and only $25 per animal if it is both spayed or neutered and tattooed or microchipped.

Special animal permits are available for unique animal ownership, including chickens on a case by case business. Please call Bylaw Enforcement at 780-939-7831 or email for details.

At this time, Morinville does not have an electronic method or registering and paying for renewals. Payment has to be made in person by cash, cheque, debit or credit card at the Town Office on 100 Avenue.

Full details on the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw can be found on the Town website at:

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