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Fable Gardens a dream come true for Chauvet

Frank Sinatra’s 1953 song Young at Heart was a fitting theme song for Blue Meadow Homes developer Bob Chauvet’s most recent venture.

The Fable Gardens Ltd. project on 100 Street and 101 Avenue rose quickly and uniquely over many months causing residents and passersby to talk about its unusual design. […]

Arts & Culture

Talk of the Town

Another successful Reuse it or “Loose” it event was held at the Skyline Ball Diamonds on Saturday, allowing area residents to drop off their unwanted items and others to take items they had a use for.


The Buzz on Bees in Morinville

Urban beekeeping is now allowed in the Town Morinville. A new bylaw—the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, which came into effect on Jan. 1 this year—allows for backyard apiaries (a structure where honey bee hives are kept) by way of a special permit issued by the Town. […]