Letter to the Editor re: Article – Council puts brakes on red light and stop sign camera discussion

Reading Time: 2 minutesCliff and I would publically like to thank Councillor Barry Turner, who intercepted Mr. Steer about the wording of the presentation. Having attended the Committee of the Whole meeting [Mar. 15], specifically to listen to this presentation, in our opinion it sounded like a sales pitch to Council on something that had already been decided on. Councillor Turner made it very clear that there has been no decision in Morinville to apply this technology. […]


National Column: Trump an issue for new-look Tories

Reading Time: 3 minutesFederal Conservatives have moved with astonishing speed and depth in their repudiation of the Stephen Harper years.

Some senior members of the party now talk of the need for carbon pricing. They back the Liberal inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women. They talk of a national anti-poverty strategy, speak in more centrist tones and are showing Canadians a softer, more appealing style with Rona Ambrose as interim leader. […]


National Column: NDP must consider sad truths

Reading Time: 3 minutesAs the New Democrats ponder the future of their federal party and its leadership, here are a few inconvenient truths they might have to face up to.

1. Yes, the NDP lost the last federal campaign on a fiscal and social platform that the Liberals could have written. The key planks of yearly balanced budgets and a national child care program were lifted from outdated red books. It was a decidedly middle-of-the-road document. […]


National Column: Funds key to clinching Tory leadership

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt is a political rule of thumb that defeated incumbents tend to drown their sorrows in money and it turns out the federal Conservatives are no exception.

At $5 million, the spending limit imposed on each of the candidates who will vie to replace Stephen Harper between now and next spring is more than five times higher than the maximum allowed for the leadership contest that resulted in Justin Trudeau’s election. […]