Healthy Routes Column: Keeping our hormonal balance healthy

We all have them; we wouldn’t be here without them (really), and we load blame on them for a myriad of troubles.
The first month of school is a perfect of example of the problems hormones can cause. Many teens and preteens seem to change personalities on a daily basis. The excitement and optimism of first day ‘back to school jitters’ […]


National Column: Fighting politics of fear in PM’s backyard

The most passionate pushback on Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s twin hot-button election issues is coming from his own backyard.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s outspoken criticism of the Conservative leader’s court appeal on the issue of niqabs at citizenship ceremonies and the stripping of citizenship from convicted terrorists in many ways pulls back the curtain on the Alberta that elected him as mayor of its largest city and handed a huge provincial majority to New Democrat Rachel Notley. […]


National Column: Trudeau passes a key test on foreign policy

As we head into the final sprint of a marathon election campaign, Monday night brought two surprises.

Justin Trudeau, whose juvenile musings on foreign policy had cost him dearly in the past, delivered his best performance at a debate confined solely to foreign policy.

And our national security, our place on the world stage, the value of Canadian citizenship, our relations with our biggest ally and our responsibility to help those fleeing war and persecution delivered the most passionate and animated moments of the 2015 election campaign. […]


National Column: Plenty of unanswered questions about NDP

From a national child-care program to balanced budgets, the abolition of the Senate and the repeal of
the Clarity Act, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair has been making some hefty promises on the way to a leading position in voting intentions.

But five weeks into the campaign, he has yet to demonstrate how a New Democrat government would walk its election talk on any of the above. […]


National Column: Another Orange Wave for Alberta?

Can a revolution repeat itself twice in five months? Or is lightning in a bottle, by its very nature, captured but once?

That is the political question in Alberta in this federal election, but the fact that any questions are being asked in Alberta during a federal campaign is news in itself.


Healthy Routes Column: Chronic inflammation and how to cool it

The pursuits of summer have great rewards: Vitamin D absorbed in abundance, exercise in the fresh air, the produce of the garden, and the satisfaction of seeing a lot of jobs done. The downside is a frequently occurring complaint after all these activities. From the pain of a sunburn or a sting from an insect to the sore aching muscles and joints after physical exercise inflammation is the immediate result of many of these activities. […]