Editorial & Opinion

Letter: God’s House About to Be a Mobile Home

The Father’s House Christian Fellowship (TFH) is excited to announce that their church building is now ready to be moved. Four sections of the church, currently alongside the highway on the north end of St Albert, will be moved 15 kilometers north, to a new and permanent location, west of Morinville next to Heritage Lake. […]

Editorial & Opinion

An Open Letter To The Successful Candidates – Morinville Election 2017

Congratulations to “The New Magnificent Seven”, winners of our latest civic election.

You now enter Stage 3 of your political journey, commonly referred to as “The Honeymoon Period” (Stage 1 being the Campaign and Stage 2 the Election itself). Over time, public service stints have evolved to allow successful aspirants approximately 100 days to ‘find their way’. […]