National Column: Diversity approach should be defended

Here is a much abbreviated list of the current and former Canadian politicians who believe that when it comes to cultural diversity, Canada should be exporting its live-and-let-live model, not looking for inspiration from countries such as France that have put in place coercive measures to affirm their national identity. […]


National News: Why the Nobel committee turned to Dylan

The Nobel Committee for Literature of the Swedish Academy comprises five Swedish writers, plus two associate members, ranging in age from 54 to 86, of middling international reputation. Self-awareness is half their charm. They know the annual chance to hand out a Nobel Prize for literature gives them a megaphone out of all proportion to the rest of their lives. […]


National Column: NDP brief keeps electoral reform wide open

If one had to take away just one thing from the NDP’s just-released submission on electoral reform, it is that it strenuously avoids tracing a party line in the sand.

As leader, Thomas Mulcair campaigned on a mixed-member proportional system. But in its brief, the NDP carefully avoids pinning itself down to a specific system to the exclusion of others, or to a process to achieve a reform. […]


National Column: Lisa Raitt’s math doesn’t add up

“Mr. Speaker, another friend of mine, Marie, has three boys,” Lisa Raitt said on Wednesday during question period.

Raitt is the Conservatives’ finance critic. Across the House of Commons aisle, some Liberals chuckled. Raitt had already asked a question about her friend Susan, a divorced mom in Guelph […]