National Column: NDP strife has no upside

The storm over the Liberal handling of a controversial arms sale to Saudi Arabia is a gift to an NDP caucus still reeling from the summary execution of its leader at the hands of party members.

It is also confirmation that fate does not always smile on politicians in a timely fashion. […]


National Column: Mulcair’s irrational road to nowhere

By the time he stood at the podium to address the NDP convention Sunday morning, Thomas Mulcair must have known he was in deep and likely irreversible trouble.

It took little more than a minimum of political acumen to pick up the negative signals that preceded the vote on whether to seek a new leader. Mulcair did not lack for antennae in the corridors of the convention.


National Column: No second chance

NDP gives its leader the boot, plunging the party into its most divisive debate in decades – and he’s likely just the first casualty

The fix was in for outgoing NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair before the convention that led to Sunday’s vote even opened. […]


Column: NDP has a crisis at the top

As the New Democrats prepare to pronounce on Thomas Mulcair’s leadership, here is a prediction:

Regardless of how the NDP leader scores on a confidence vote Sunday, there will be little or no cause for celebration at the party’s gathering in Edmonton. […]


National Column: Liberal push for privacy died after election

When the former Conservative government agreed to hand over private banking information of Canadians to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the Liberals led the growing chorus of indignation.

Their opposition started meekly but strengthened. They tried to amend the law, which they portrayed as a loss of sovereignty and an unnecessary bow to American pressure. […]


National Column: NDP must consider sad truths

As the New Democrats ponder the future of their federal party and its leadership, here are a few inconvenient truths they might have to face up to.

1. Yes, the NDP lost the last federal campaign on a fiscal and social platform that the Liberals could have written. The key planks of yearly balanced budgets and a national child care program were lifted from outdated red books. It was a decidedly middle-of-the-road document. […]