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A guy’s truck wheels into a grocery store parking lot filled with all the crap that didn’t sell at his weekend yard sale, mainly because it was unusable or broken merchandise.

Looking left and right to make sure no one witnesses his deed, he unloads the junk piece by piece. Too large to fit in the charity bin, he drops it on the ground – the fragile table lamp breaking even more than it was. Alongside it, he places a TV that hasn’t been watched since Survivor aired its first episode.

He knows in his heart that the only charity being served with this donation is to himself. The charity bin gives him a convenient place to save himself a trip to the landfill and the small fee they charge for tipping the garbage.

The above scenario is fictional, but the result is factual and all to frequent in Morinville.

Week after week, residents of this community and those who surround, dump their junk in front of charity bins or on the back doorsteps of our local thrift store.

If they truly believe their contributions of ancient and broken rubbish help those in need, then it is they who are in need of help – help in understanding that one man’s garbage is not a charity’s treasure.

Each contribution of garbage that has to be hauled off to Roseridge by volunteer groups – takes money directly out of the charities pocket, food out of the mouths charities try to feed, and services away from those charities wish to serve.

The next time you clear out the basement and shed of all the garbage you’ve been meaning to take to the dump but instead take to the charity bins, thrift shop back door or throw in the ditch on a County road, leave yourself along with it so we will be able to clean up all the garbage.


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