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MGA changes have mixed reviews

The government says the Act to Strengthen Municipal Government proposes practical changes to help municipalities build stronger and more sustainable communities for Alberta families.

The MGA is Alberta’s second-largest piece of legislation. The government is proposing changes to the Municipal Government Act (MGA) they say reflect the input received from municipalities, community organizations, Indigenous groups, school boards, small businesses, industry and the public. This data was collected since the government released a discussion guide last November. […]


Government increases access to service dogs

The Government of Alberta says the new Service Dogs Qualifications Regulation, which came into effect Apr. 1, will allow more schools to train qualified service dogs, something the province believes will give more Albertans opportunities to find a job, attend school and participate in their communities. […]


Alberta wildfire season begins March 1

Though snow and ice are still on the ground, Alberta wildland firefighters are gearing up to defend the province and its communities from forest fires.

Human activity caused more than 60 per cent of last year’s wildfires. Last year, 1,338 wildfires burned more than 611,000 hectares, including the Horse River wildfire that spread into Fort McMurray. […]

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Stop the texts, and you’ll stop the wrecks, government says

A week into Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the government is once again urging Albertans to stop texting behind the wheel.

The province offered research that indicates between 20 and 30 per cent of all collisions are due to distracted driving. The government also says distracted drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a collision than attentive drivers. […]