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Residents now know how much eliminating the photo radar contract early with ITS/Global Traffic Group would cost taxpayers, following a report to council given by David Schaefer, Director of Community and Protective Services. Schaefer estimates terminating the contract before its April 2019 conclusion would cost the town $369,200, and would cause a gross revenue hit of $581,172 over the next 19 months (until the conclusion of the contract).

Morinville will be getting a little brighter following a unanimous vote from Council approving new street lights at one of the Town’s highest volume intersection and street. The lights are to be installed along Cardiff Road up to 100 Street (Cardiff Corner) at a price tag not to exceed $105,000.

Council has unanimously passed a new policy and reviewed administrative procedures that they hope will bring a new approach to photo radar enforcement in Morinville. Following rounds of amendments and changes, the new policy came forward as tensions between Council and Administration on the direction for the photo radar program were high.

In another round of disgruntled comments, Council has decided to defer a decision on changes to photo enforcement in Morinville following escalating concerns over the recent massive spike in photo enforcement issued tickets in the last quarter. The motion to differ was presented by Councillor Stephen Dafoe on the basis that he felt Council should see if Administration’s procedures for operating photo enforcement had the teeth Council is looking for to put some checks and balances into how the program is run in Town.

I would like to advise whoever is stealing our photo radar lawn ornaments and destroying them and throwing them into Sunshine Lake – PLEASE STOP! It is just a lawn ornament that we find cute.

Regarding recent issues on photo radar in Morinville. Cars don't speed, people speed. I have heard (and it could likely be researched) that some major communities have

Town Council discussed the municipality's Automated Traffic Enforcement Policy at their Apr. 19 Committee of the Whole meeting, with fiery comments to match. The issue was one of heated debate and interest both before and after the plebiscite vote two years ago decided to keep the controversial traffic enforcement tactic.

Rolling stops, speeders and distracted drivers could soon receive a ticket in the mail thanks to a fleet of six BS-642 experimental drones the Town of Morinville is looking to launch this summer.

Global Traffic Group Ltd. owner David Steer and two colleagues came to the Mar. 15 Committee of the Whole meeting to make a presentation on the Town's Automated Traffic Enforcement Program. Their primary focus was to give Council a first look at the stop sign and red light enforcement technology services that could be an addition to the program Global/ITS already offer.

I am at a loss with regard the imminent risks that many drivers pose on Cardiff Road due to their refusal to slow down. I reside right on this rural busy road, and while the speed limit solar signs are obvious, they are largely ignored. Rush hour times are that of the noise and speeds of a highway with commercial vehicles and commuters clearly off the speed limit, endangering every resident and their families, with blatant disregard.