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Council approves lights for South Glens

Reading Time: 2 minutesMorinville will be getting a little brighter following a unanimous vote from Council approving new street lights at one of the Town’s highest volume intersection and street. The lights are to be installed along Cardiff Road up to 100 Street (Cardiff Corner) at a price tag not to exceed $105,000.

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Letter: Cardiff road speeding solutions

Reading Time: 2 minutesDear Mr. Schaefer, Director of Corporate Operations:

It’s time for action! For more than five years, we have been shown through the photo radar quarterly reports that Cardiff Road at/near 94th Street has a speeding problem. You are absolutely correct to point out that the design of this road (e.g. narrow and no shoulders) makes it dangerous for our conventional law enforcement officers to enforce the speed limits. The growth of South Glens and Cardiff over the last five years has resulted in making Cardiff Road busier all the time. Since the road has never been upgraded to reflect the growth factor, we all recognize the problems. […]

Editorial & Opinion

Letter: Re: Photo Radar Site – Along Cardiff Road

Reading Time: 2 minutesAccording to the 2nd quarter reports from the photo radar contractor, a total of 43 hours was spent in this particular site and resulted in 351 tickets. Looking at the total stats for the 2nd quarter (April to June), 43 hours represents 9.5 per cent of their total hours logged for this quarter and 351 tickets represents 44.5 per cent of the total 788 tickets issued for this quarter. […]

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Council briefs

Reading Time: 4 minutesby Tristan Turner Council adds new land use district after public hearing Council unanimously passed (excluding the vacationing Mayor Lisa […]


Morinville Council Briefs

Reading Time: 3 minutesAt their regular meeting on Jan 27, council held a public hearing on Bylaw 16/2014 South Business Commercial (Celtic Lands) Area Structure Plan (ASP) following its passage of 1st reading at council’s last meeting. […]

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Weekend in photos

Reading Time: 2 minutesMelting snow and ice continued to make South Glens a little soggy Friday. Those entering and exiting the community had to do so through a flooded entrance road. Water returned to the 79 Avenue and 97 Street intersections… […]

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The day in photos

Reading Time: 3 minutesFlooding waters that rose up the edge of driveways on 79 Avenue and 97 Street in Morinville’s South Glens subdivision Tuesday were devoid of water Tuesday afternoon. Morinville Public Works crews continued to pump water that had overflowed the subdivision’s storm … […]

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Town continuing work on South Glens flooding

Reading Time: 3 minutesBy Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Rising waters on 97 Street and 79 Avenue in South Glens prompted many phone calls to Town of Morinville offices Tuesday as well as a visit from Edmonton’s CTV to investigate the matter.

Melting snow caused a storm pond in the Morinville subdivision to overflow and make its way into the intersection of the two streets as well as backyards. That water had risen to the edge of driveways by Tuesday morning. As of 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, Town Administration indicated the waters were already receding and that they would be continuing to work through the night to reduce them more… […]

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Public Works ready to roll on roads

Reading Time: 2 minutesBy Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – The Town is set to spend $550,000 on local road improvement this year, monies that were approved in December with the passing of the 2013 budget.

Based on a five-year Road Analytics program, Public Works are recommending rehabilitating the section of Cardiff Road from South Glens’ east entrance to East Boundary Road… […]