Gibbons band looking to Supernova

Gibbons-based metal band Tyrant took to the stage June 11 in the final round of Supernova competitions. From left: Marshal Dexter, Mitchell Phin, Cody Nisbet and Chase Stevenson. - Stephen Dafoe Photo

By Stephen Dafoe

Gibbons – Five Sturgeon Composite students took to the stage for an important show at NAIT last Friday night, but they really won’t know just well it all went until the voting is tallied June 18.

Tyrant, a Gibbons-based metal band made up of Marshal Dexter on lead guitar, Mitchell Phin on rhythm guitar, Chase Stevenson on bass, Cody Nisbet on drums and singer Graham Beckett have been working their way through the rounds of Supernova’s Battle of the Bands competition in Edmonton.

“The show went great,” bassist Chase Stevenson said of the June 11 final round. “We had over 75 people attend plus more that were just there.”

Stevenson said that he was pleased with the great turn out of support.

“We were on stage for an hour, even though we were only supposed to have 30 minutes,” he said.

The musician explained that he and his fellow band mates came up with the idea of forming a band last December specifically for the purpose of competing in the Supernova shows, but the group didn’t actually come together until February.

Their first show together was Feb. 27 and the band was chosen as the Wildcard, a people’s choice honour that allowed them to proceed to the next round.

“There was just three of us: Cody, Marshal and me,” Stevenson said. “It was a fun show. We had a lot of support from people in sturgeon and stuff, which is how we wound up getting the wildcard.”

Stevenson said for Tyrant’s second show May 7 the band had progressed to the full five members and had prepared a couple of original numbers. However, this time it wasn’t the fans that propelled them on to the next round, but the show judges.

“We ended up placing second,” Stevenson said, noting that in addition to being able to play the June 11 show, the band earned some recoding time at Turnkey Studios in Edmonton where they will record one track this August.

But while the band is enthusiastic about the recording session, their attention is focused on the final results of the June 11 round of Supernova. If Tyrant takes the top spot in the show, they will receive a full demo package to produce a CD, a four-city tour, and new equipment to perform those shows with.
Those who have not voted yet are encouraged to do so at

Tyrant is hoping to be another wildcard winner.

Video content – Tyrant Performing Live June 11, 2010

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  1. We have just learned from that Tyrant took first place in the Edmonton finals and won a full recording package. congratulates the band on their victory.

  2. Congratulations Guys! Quite an accomplishment in such a short time. Enjoy the tour and new equipment and good luck in the future.

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