St. Jean Baptiste Festival delivered as promised

Michael's Midway provided entertainment for kids of all ages during this past weekend's St. Jean Baptiste Festival 2010

A editorial

If you looked out your door Sunday night you would have witnessed something you don’t see often – a double rainbow. There amid a grey sky darkened by the rain clouds that largely managed to stay away from this weekend’s St. Jean Baptiste Festival were two arching bands of prismatic colour, a meteorological phenomenon that seemingly spanned the town from one end to the other.

It was almost as if Father Jean-Baptiste Morin, Morinville’s and the festival’s namesake was putting his personal seal of approval on the weekend’s festivities. But what a fitting end to a weekend that gave all of us in Morinville an opportunity to witness something as special and rare as a double rainbow, a festival so large and far reaching that everyone who attended was surely able to find their own pot of gold by the end.

Truly it was a festival that celebrated our community, our heritage and our pride.

How does one thank those responsible for showing people inside and outside of Morinville that a town of less than 8,000 residents has many who are capable, willing and more than ready to put together a three-day festival that the entire community can partake in, learn from and come away from with an enhanced sense of pride?

You simply say thank you and mean it.

And we do give thanks to the festival chair, his fellow organizers and to each and every one of the countless volunteers who pitched tents, sold tickets, performed for the crowds and enthusiastically gave the residents of this community ample proof that if a festival held on the eve of the town’s 100th birthday can be this grandiose and well-run, Morinville’s centennial year is going to be one hell of a party.

Stephen Dafoe

Editor’s Note: for those of you who missed this weekend’s event or for those of you who would like to relive the festival, below is a video of highlights from the weekend, as well as a photo gallery of festival shots.

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