Peace light now lit in Morinville park

A Light of Peace now sits in St. Jean Baptiste Park and will rmeain lit until canada's armed forces return fromt he mission in afghanistan - Stephen Dafoe Photo

By Staff

Morinville – The town’s military families in particular and Canada’s armed forces in general were honoured June 27 with a new lamp post erected in St. Jean Baptiste Park and lit during last weekend’s festival. But unlike the other lights in and around town this one won’t turn on and off with the sun and moon.

The Light of Peace will remain lit until Canada’s armed forces return from the mission in Afghanistan and was Morinville’s way of thanking our soldiers.

“It’s a great thing for us to recognize the military,” said Morinville Mayor Lloyd Bertschi, adding that the last figures he heard indicated that Morinville had 343 soldiers living in town with their families. “It’s definitely gone up since then. It’s great to be able to recognize them, plus the efforts that they are putting in, not only in Afghanistan but around the world.”

The mayor said that the idea for the Light of Peace was proposed by Lilian Boddez who spearheaded the initiative as a way to “salute the military,” the theme of this year’s St. Jean Baptiste Festival. A bronze plaque was created in the shape of a ribbon and affixed to the light post by Craig’s Manufacturing, commemorating the light standard and explaining its purpose for all who see it.

Bertschi said that Fortis Alberta played a large roll in partnering with Morinville to make it all happen, donating to the light and installing it in its place.

Light of Peace commemorative plaque
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