Young driver clocked at 80 km/hr over speed limit

Speeding continues to be a problem on Alberta roads this summer.

By staff

Morinville – An Edmonton man will appear in court Sept. 14 to answer charges that he was driving 80 km/hr over the speed limit.

The 19-year-old, who is not being identified by RCMP, was stopped July 19 after a Morinville officer saw a vehicle heading southbound on Hwy. 2 near Township Road 572, travelling much faster than it should have been.

Constable Yelena Avoine of the Morinville Detachment said the driver was halted after a traffic stop was initiated and that no high speed pursuit was involved.

Under Alberta’s Traffic and Safety Act, any driver charged with a speeding violation 50 kilometres or greater in excess of the speed limit is required to make a mandatory court appearance. RCMP report that the consequences of speeding vary with just how far over the posted limit the driver is charged, but note that even 15 km/h over can result in up to an $89 fine and two demerit points from the licence, points that are not returned for two years.

Speeding is a year round concern for Alberta’s law enforcement, although statistics show there is a marked increase in speeding beginning in April and lasting throughout the summer months.

Earlier today Strathcona County RCMP reported the death of a 51-year-old Strathcona County man who was thrown 30-metres from his vehicle on Range Road 210. Although Strathcona County RCMP and an RCMP Collision Analysts continue to investigate the incident, speed is believed to have been a factor in the collision.
With more than 25 per cent of the province’s collisions involving speeding and the likelihood of speeders receiving fines, RCMP caution motorists to slow down and observe the posted limits. Although education and enforcement can play an impact, RCMP feel driver attitude must also play a role in keeping the province’s roads safe.

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