Province opens coffers for green lighting

By Staff

Edmonton – The Government of Alberta is offering $4 million in rebates to businesses who install energy-efficient lighting. Under the pilot program, Albertans involved in a variety of commercial enterprises are eligible for rebates ranging from $37,500 to $375,000.

The province hopes to reduce 191,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 through the incentive program, a figure that is roughly the equivalent of taking 40,000 cars off the road.

“Lighting accounts for approximately 50 per cent of Alberta businesses’ annual electricity use,” said Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner in a press release on the program. “Commercial property owners play a crucial role in our commitment to improve energy efficiency, and this initiative will help curb the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions and lower business costs.”

Five commercial sectors are eligible for the program, with each sector eligible for varying amounts:

  • Up to $81,250 for restaurants
  • Up to $100,000 for multi-use residential buildings
  • Up to $187,500 for retail locations
  • Up to $375,000 for office spaces
  • Up to $37,500 for warehouses.

The rebate program is being administered by Climate Change Central, a non-profit organization committed to helping Albertans reduce energy consumption.

All participants must undertake a pre-retrofit assessment and demonstrate the potential for energy savings to be eligible for the various rebates.

The program will continue until Dec. 31, 2011 or until the $4 million in funding runs out. For more information on eligible retrofits and how to apply for a rebate, visit

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