RCMP seize drugs and weapons cache

Constable Janine Peter of the Stony Plain RCMP looks at an Israel Military Industries Galil 7.62mm semi-automatic assault rifle, seized last Friday from a residence north or Stony Plain along with a number of other weapons and drugs. – Stephen Dafoe Photos

By MorinvilleNews.com Staff

Edmonton– A Stony Plain area man has been charged with 21 fire arms offences, as well as possession of marihuana and hash for the purposes of trafficking.

The RCMP’s Tri-Municipal Drug Section, operating on a search warrant, searched a rural residence north of Stony Plain last Friday where they seized a quantity of guns, ammunition and drugs and arrested 49-year-old Glenn Tremblay.

Taken from the home were 5,200 grams of hash and 850 grams of marijuana. The combined street value of the drugs is estimated at $86,500.

In addition to the drugs, RCMP seized several firearms, including a loaded .22 calibre mini pistol, a loaded Israel Military Industries Galil 7.62mm semi-automatic assault rifle, a mini 14 .223 calibre assault rifle, an Ithica 12 gauge pump action shot gun and a Winchester 30-30 rifle, as well as oversized magazines to fit both assault rifles. Police also seized 1,705 rounds of ammunition for the restricted and non-restricted firearms.

Constable Janine Peter of the Stony Plain RCMP told media during a K-division press conference Tuesday that some of the guns were clearly not used for hunting.

“Many of these types of weapons are made for a specific purpose; they’re very, very dangerous, and we’re very happy to have them off the street,” she said,

In addition to the drugs and weapons, RCMP seized a quantity of cash and an electronic device believed to be used to detect is a phone line is tapped.

“We do find these types of items in drug houses and in drug trafficking activities,” said Sergeant Tim Taniguchi of “K” Division Strategic Communications Unit. “They’re used to tap phone lines or to attempt to negate that.”

Trembley was released on $15,000 cash bail and is scheduled to answer to the charges in Stony Plain Provincial Court Aug. 25.

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