Jets looking for board members and volunteers

By Staff

Morinville – With the Jets starting their fall camp next week, there is no doubt the Junior B club will have more than enough players to choose from this season. But what the team is lacking at present are board members to help run the organization.

Jets Director of Player Development Roland Blackburn said the Jets could use six or seven volunteers to serve on the board of directors, but he’d love to have as many as ten to fill the various roles and positions.

Blackburn said the current deficit in board members is part of the cyclical nature of hockey where parent volunteers often move on with their children.

“The players graduate or they leave and the parents leave with them,” Blackburn said. “It’s a challenge in junior hockey. It’s a challenge especially in Junior B.”

With a new crop of players this season it is likely that some parents will also get involved in helping the Jets on the front lines and behind the scenes.

“Players come to play for the Jets and the parents volunteer to help out,” Blackburn said. “Some don’t make an actual commitment to the board, but they will work the gate or they will work the clock or they’ll do time keeping or score keeping and all that kind of stuff.”

To that end, Blackburn said there are a lot of roles to fill on game day both inside the arena running the various elements of the game and out in the lobby selling admission and 50/50 tickets. But there is plenty of help needed behind the scenes as well. Blackburn said the team is looking to ramp up its music and booth program this year, as well as other enhancements to please the fans.

But for those interested in serving on the board of directors, Blackburn said the monthly time commitment runs about 20 hours, including helping with the Jets four Sunday games each month. The board of directors meets monthly and there is also a Capital Junior Hockey League meeting to attend.

Anyone interested in serving on the board can contact Roland Blackburn at 780-939-3933 or Dan Blackburn at 780-939-5199.

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