Letter to the Editor: Resident hoping to recover child’s bike

Dear Editor:

What is our world coming to when someone has to steal from a little child? We live on a corner lot that faces the train tracks and trees. We have a fully fenced back yard with a gate that stays locked all the time; however, people still continue to jump over the fence in the back and then walk through the yard and jump over the fence in the front to get to the sidewalk along the street.

This has always bothered us from the time we moved here, hence the reason the fence was put up, to keep people out. Some people have no respect for other people’s property or privacy. This is proven by someone jumping our fence between late last week and early this week, and taking one of my children’s toddler bikes.

The bike is a Rock N’ Roll Rider bought from Sears. The bike is made mostly of tough plastic and is red and blue, and has a yellow seat. It has three wheels, the front being larger then the two back ones. It has a large handle in the back for a parent to push the child. My husband had placed a screw at the base of this handle to keep the handle upright when pushing the bike.

I have contacted the RCMP, but realize there is only so much they can do with this. My hope in writing this letter is to let the public know that there is a thief among us, probably many thieves, but this one will stoop so low as to steal from a small child. If anyone happens to encounter this bike, please contact the RCMP as they have my contact information and we will be able to get the bike back for my 3-year-old children that are devastated by this.

Even a 3-year-old has enough sense to say, “Mommy, who would do that?” What am I to say? We should be allowed to put out electric fences at night to keep people out of our property and away from our things.

We work hard to provide things for our children to enjoy, not to have someone jump over our fence and steal it away leaving a child in tears.

Very displeased,
Marcy Nolin

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