Guest Editorial: Mayoral candidate Joseph Trapani

By Joseph Trapani

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The Mayoral contest in Morinville is a two person race. Joseph Trapani has served one term as a Morinville Councillor and has over eight years experience as a Municipal Administrator, served on assorted community organizations and was part of the Canadian Military for over 22 years. With this experience Trapani made the decision to run “because it is time for a change.”

Trapani thinks it’s important that a new vision/blood come forward and provides new momentum and leadership. He’s happy to see that there are 10 candidates running for Councillors and three running for School Trustee, this is a true sign that Morinville Citizens want CHANGE for the BETTER.

What Trapani is hearing from the Morinville Citizens is that they are not every happy on how the community is moving forward. Trapani’s campaign (and on Council after October 18) will focus on Economic and People Growth, Good and Honest Government, Getting Things Done, Controlled Expenditures, Partnership, Listening to Ratepayers and Equal Treatment, Town Hall Meetings, a Strong Morinville and Library.

Trapani would like to see Morinville Open for Business, he states this can be done by working (better and harder) with the Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce (improve what we have), starting an Economic and Tourism Committee (there are businesses out there that want to come to Morinville; however, have no one to speak to) and have a open and fair discussion with our neighbours on all issues (Sturgeon County and its municipalities).

Trapani believes that we have to reconnect with the people of Morinville, have an open and accountable Morinville Government that listens and takes their great ideas and turns them into action (not just another book on the shelf) and a Council that will be cooperative/work with Administration on the policies and ideas that will move Morinville to the next century.

Morinville has it’s challenges; the biggest is the close proximity of Morinville to St. Albert and Edmonton. We need to shop locally, just look around and see our main street (by the way is 100 Avenue or 100 Street our “Main Street”?) businesses are closing, why? Because no one was shopping there! By shopping locally we improve the local economic [picture] and the welfare of all Morinville Citizens. We need to rethink on how we would like to see 100 Avenue and other streets in Morinville in the near future. Trapani knows that 100 Avenue road belong to the Province, however the buildings, businesses, lands and so on does NOT, do we let them die, where has the Downtown Beautification gone?

Over the past number of years, every town has struggled to maintain services and municipal infrastructure. The Property Taxes “Rate” has remained balanced however; our “Assessment” surely went up. That’s why Trapani wants more Sound Budgeting and Fiscal Management; that way we can get extra services we need. “More Bang for our Buck”.

Trapani worries about Volunteering in our Community. Ladies and Gentlemen a community CAN NOT survive without volunteers, unless you want to pay 500 per cent more on your yearly tax bill and on your community program user fees. Trapani doesn’t think so…However; we must get the youth of Morinville more involved (by the way have you asked your son and/or daughter to be part of a volunteer group lately?) Trapani salutes the Morinville Volunteers as most of the volunteers are volunteering with not only one organization but many. He believes that we need to work with Morinville organizations and the youth of our community to find initiatives for the good of our community.

Trapani believes in a strong and safe community. He is an experienced, dedicated, and honest person, a trait not always seen in a politician, with the knowledge, foresight, and passion to represent your interests and working hard to improve the quality of life for everyone in Morinville.

His campaign platform is about “Creating a vibrant and dynamic town where the priorities of the citizens of Morinville come FIRST and not those of the politicians”

Joseph Trapani thanks you for your support! – Got questions/concerns – contact him.

Joseph Trapani
Home: 780-939-6311
Cell: 780-242-2471,

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  1. The building of the Morinville Community Cultural Centre is not supported by all. Basically the location of this facility was hastely chosen with no consideration or impact studies for the residences on 99A Ave only across the street as noise levels from regular events are anticipated to be loud enough to interfere with speech in neighbouring back yards. The Town has ignored its own policies(Policy 22 of the Morinville Deveopment Plan)and concerns of the residence with regards to noise levels having effects on health and property values. The new noise by-law was written knowing these concerns and failed to address them. Your thoughts on this issue?
    More info is at: FaceBook: Morinville Community Cultural Centre (Those Against)

  2. Tim thanks for your commen.

    I agree with you with the location. Council did review, debate, and talks to the community on all the possible location of this new building. However; talk went from a Community Cultural Centre with a Library to a more of a Community Conference Cultural Centre.

    The first location was spotted to be behind the arena. Many residents of Morinville and I voiced our reasoning why this should be the right location; we were listened too but no action was taken from our recommendation.

    As for following the rules – that’s why I want an open an honest government. Tim if I remember correctly, you were the person who came to Council a few months ago with your supporters to discuss the noise and traffic issues of this new building being built in your back yard. By your reaction, I noticed that the response you got from the Mayor was not acceptable or favourable and that you were not impress that your democratic right to speak out was not appreciated.
    You then made an appeal to the Commission and the Commission ruled in your favour to do a study of the noise situation. After that study – the same situation remained the same…

    Tim you and your supporters now have the chance to voice your opinion/mind on October 18, 2010. Vote for the Mayor, Councillor(s), and School Trustee(s) that you believe will move Morinville in the direction you wish to see it go.

    If you believe I am the future Mayor of Morinville your vote will be appreciated. Thanks

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