Guest Editorial: Council candidate Paul Krauskopf

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– Stephen Dafoe

Guest Editorial by Paul Kraus Kopf

I was born and raised in Morinville. For many years I was in the retail sector and I worked for Sturgeon School Division for 16 years as a teaching assistant in Special Education. I retired from there two years ago. Currently I sit on the Attendance Board of Alberta Education as a continuation of my interest in education. My wife Linda and I have been foster parents for 24 years and married for 25 years. We have four grandchildren with two more on the way. Happy days are spent spoiling them which we truly enjoy.

Morinville is in a good position, with up to date infrastructure as well as a solid financial position. I still have a lot to offer and bring continuity to the table as we move forward to a new era striving to become a leader in regional matters. One thing I respect is our heritage and history and I understand the importance. We need to continue remembering the past, celebrating the present working toward a successful future.

Some of my thoughts include,


  • -keeping them comparable to region
  • -working on increasing the split between commercial and residential taxes

Regional cooperation is of great importance

  • -a solid Intermunicpal Development Plan
  • -fair and equal agreements in recreation, infrastructure and economic development

Walking Trails

  • -plan to connect our trail system in town from north to south and east to west

Municipal Sustainability Plan

  • -completion to help create solid business and financial plans for the future

Affordable Housing

  • -planning and partnerships to create housing for young working families and seniors


  • -creation of a Youth council by the youth, for the youth

Economic Development

  • -form Morinville Economic Development Committee
  • -create an economic development strategy

Being a municipal elected official is certainly a privilege and comes with the responsibility of making decisions which are for the benefit of the community creating a safe and sustainable place to live, a place to raise a family, a place to be proud of, a place to call home.

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  1. If I lived in Morinville I would certainly vote for you. Keeping our history and heritage is a must.

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