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Editor’s Note: As part of our ongoing coverage of Election 2010, is accepting question from our readers, which will be published anonymously for candidates to answer. Please note that ONLY CANDIDATES will be able to respond to the questions asked by our readers. Links to questions asked will be archived in our Ask-A-Candidate section. See link in navigation bar above.


1/ Given the large residential population and attempt to showcase Morinville as a friendly clean place to live, what would you do regarding the foul odour currently being produced by the Morinville dog food plant? Would you be in support of a strong air quality bylaw or revocation of business licences if the air pollution continues?

2/ Why are Morinville residents funding by way of tax breaks to clean up the Champion Pet Food Plant? Clearly if they want to be good corporate citizens they would voluntarily at their own cost clean up their act. Why ask the residents to fund the local businesses especially those damaging our community reputation and why has a hard and fast deadline not been put in place to solve this issue outside of the obviously ignored requests and complaints from local residents?

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  1. As a General reminder, although it is clearly posted in the EDITOR’s NOTE above, ONLY CANDIDATES all eligible to reply to the Ask-A-Candidate feature.

  2. Thank you for your question and concern.

    First there are numerous (Municipal, Provincial and Health) rules and regulations that govern the smell/odour issue of any resident and business owner (being commercial or industrial).

    Unfortunately, the wording of the development permit and of the Municipal Planning Commission of this project was not written in a manner of addressing the Smell/Odour issues while the Dog Plant is cooking. That’s why administration is working hard with the Dog Plant to correct this issue, please read the Ask the Question 1 response on this issue.

    Yes I am in favour of a bylaw that has more concrete solutions on these types of situations. That way it will make it easier for Town Administration to enforce the penalty. What I will be working on coercively (as your new Mayor) with Council, the Municipal Planning Commission, and our Planning and Development Department, is the need to sit down and come out with ground rules on what we want in our community and don’t want, however even more importantly is the “want” where we place it. That means doing the proper due diligence on all new businesses coming into our community and working with the ones that we have to make Morinville a place to live and play and that we also can do business here.

    The funding issue, Council knew that this was and still is a big issue with our residents. The Dog Plant didn’t have all the funds (couldn’t afford it) to purchase these filters at 500K, they approached us to see if they could get a tax break. We stated to them that “fix the problem/situation” then we will talk about it. This is not a free ride or giving them money; this is just delaying the payment and there will be a caveat placed on the deed so if they defaulted on the agreement the Town would not be out of pocket money.
    Final point, on deadline: The deadline has come and passed; however the Town Administration are not standing still on this issue. They are talking and forcing the Dog Plant hands on correcting this situation. We must remember that Council also must follow the rule of the land. We just can’t go over there and shut the place down. I believe NO court of the land will allows us to do that. However they can enforce them to clean up their act. Council and Administration took the friendly/working together approach to correct this odour issue.

    Believe me this is not a dead issue; we are working hard to solve it. This will be the First issue on Town Council Regular Meeting Agenda, if I am elected Mayor. Thank you.

  3. Please read my answer to question 1.

    Section 116 of the Alberta Environmental Protection Act provides clear direction to the Minister of Alberta Environment to address odor emissions. My answer to question 1 sets out an orderly process to resolve this issue.

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