MCHS Boys take medal at golf provincials for first time

MCHS golf foursome from left: Barry Mercier, Sean Bulger, Brett Wenger, Quinn Bunten-Walberg came home with the silver after competing in high school golf provincials Sept. 27 and 28. the medal is the first the school has earned for gold provincials. – Submitted Photo

By Staff

Morinville – After hosting a zone golf tournament at Cardiff Sept. 20, during which the school’s four-man team placed in the top six, the MCHS Boys went on to win the silver medal in golf provincials held Sept. 27 in Carstairs and Sept. 28 in Olds. The medal was a provincials first for the school.

“Day one saw the boys play in a windy 24°C warm day, said MCHS teacher Cliff Rowein, noting the foursome played below average, all shooting slightly higher then their handicaps. “Blowing leaves all over the course and on the greens was a bit of a issue but not major. After all the results came in from the other teams, we found all was not as bad as it could have been. We were in 4th place – fourteen strokes out of 1st, seven out of second, and six out of third.”

Rowein said after the first day of golf was over in Carstairs, he and the boys were positive, realizing they had better rounds in them and that medaling was possible.

The second day of gold in Olds gave golfers a different weather picture. Rain presented a bit of a problem for the first two hours. Rowein said the boys were prepared for the inclement weather.

“Playing very close to their handicaps they knew at the end of the day they gave themselves a great chance to medal,” Rowein said, noting the golfers spent the 45 minutes prior to final scoring recounting every good and bad shot that could help or hinder them in their medals run. “Finally, they started announcing from 5th to 1st. When we did not hear our name called out for 4th we knew we medaled. Then when we did not hear it for 3rd we got even more excited. It would have been a near impossible feat to catch the first place Ponoka team, but we finished in second by five strokes clear of third.”

Rowein said the MCHS boys were 12 strokes out of first place. The medal is the first time the school has medaled in golf provincials.

Day 1 Scores
Barry Mercier – 80
Sean Bulger – 83
Quinn Bunten-Walberg – 83
Brett Wenger – 85

Day 2 Scores
Barry Mercier – 80
Sean Bulger – 75
Quinn Bunten-Walberg – 76
Brett Wenger – 81

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