Letter to the editor: Property rights concerns

Greetings from Radway:

I enjoyed that article regarding Danielle Smith’s tour of the Redwater-Athabasca constituency. It was balanced and gave the essentials of the situation.

A friend told me recently that he received a letter from the Alberta government that told him he’d have to register his well. This concerns me as I too have a well. Why is the government asking farmers, or anybody with a well, to register their water supply? Have we suddenly become a Soviet-style state? I only have a small lot but I refuse to let anybody dictate what I can do with my property and the water God gave me.

I was also at the Athabasca fund-raising auction and dinner where Danielle Smith spoke. About a hundred people were there and more would have come had the weather been as it is today. Farmers have to rescue their crops while they can. Danielle outlined this back door power grab by the Stelmach government. Her speech was rational and factual. In no way was it alarmist, as some media outlets would have us believe. If farmers are so over-regulated to the point where they sell out, we may just end up with $40 bread. That’s what a few home-made loaves sold for in the auction. A friend bought one for me, knowing that I’m on disability and I’d appreciate the help.


Bruce Atchison – author of When a Man Loves a Rabbit and Deliverance from Jericho.


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  1. I recently moved to Nova Scotia, onto an acreage beside the ocean. All wells and septic tanks in Nova Scotia have to be registered in order to PROTECT the water supply. What they don’t want here is some large company drilling a well and lowering the water table for other property owners. Septic tanks and fields also have to be registered and put on the owner’s plot plan for pretty well the same reason, so that one person’s septic field doesn’t drain into another’s water source. This is a good thing.

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