All-Candidates Forum speeches offer variety of ideas [Audio]

By Staff

Morinville – An estimated 120 to140 residents came out Wednesday night to the All-Candidates forum co-sponsored by Smith Music, and the Morinville Volunteer Fire Department. Despite some minor glitches, including a microphone stand toppling onto a St. Albert Gazette reporter and shuffling 15 candidates on and off the stage, the majority of attendees stayed until the very end, even mingling afterwards with candidates until almost midnight.

Fourteen of the 15 candidates attended the function in person. Candidate Kerry Knight, who had a family obligation sent he agent Murray Knight to speak on her behalf. All candidates were given the opportunity to make their pitches and answer questions from moderator Paul Smith and from those who had come out to the event.


Below are the prepared speeches of all 15 candidates in audio format presented in the order they were given.

School Trustees

Council Candidates

Mayoral Candidates

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