Letter to the editor: Deputy Mayor encourages residents to keep new council moving

Dear Editor:

Words have been spoken, people have spoken, the ballots counted and the signs are coming down and now the work begins. There are exciting times ahead and council must prepare to get down to business, remember the words we spoke and the words we heard.

This has truly been the most exciting and best election campaigns I have been involved with in Morinville. Partly because of the interest created by the editor of this excellent online publication, interest shown by a local business man, interest presented by a local leader – thanks to Stephen [Dafoe], Paul [smith] and Ron [Cust].

The democratic process was alive and well in Morinville because of the interest taken and shown by the residents of Morinville especially by the 1,800 who cast their ballots. Remember to keep council alive and keep council moving. We are here because of you.

Paul Krauskopf
Deputy Mayor
Morinville, Alberta

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  1. Thankyou Paul for those words of encouragment to the residents who voted and elected the Mayor and Council we have in place to represent us. My number one priority- if elected was Air Quality. This affects many people. Some have breathing problems and the ability to perform tasks outdoors, especially those with health issues.
    I spoke and emailed with the Environmental Protection Officer, Environment Management, Northern Region and they advised me of the next steps to follow. I had outlined this in my presentations and spoke to some of the new Council. Will this Air Qulaity be followed through? I realize this was was not a main issue for the newly elected council, as it did not have to be, but. Will this be addressed as well as a few other main issues brought forward- and not forgotten now that elections are over?
    Thankyou very much- as you said- keep council alive and moving.

  2. The MorinvilleNews.com is a fantastic way to keep in touch about Morinville on a daily basis. I live in Edmonton but know people in Morinville. From an outsider’s perspective, Morinville seems to be definitely “on the move”. Congratulations on great coverage of the election and all the other things going on too!

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