Letter to the editor: Reader concerned about voter turnout

Dear Editor:

First of all I would like to thank you for your hard word and excellent coverage of the 2010 election and ideas such as “Ask a Question” to the candidates. This really helped me get to understand where the candidates stood on many issues. Also thanks for going the extra mile in making the All-Candidates Forum to happen. I was pleased with the turnout.

Next, congratulations to Mayor Lloyd Bertschi and to the six councillors. Having read all the articles that have been written in Morinvillenews.com and attending the All-Candidates Forum, I believe that all 10 people who ran for councillors should be congratulated for coming forward and hope those that didn’t win will come forward again in the next election.

I am appalled and extremely disappointed by what appears to be the low number of people that came out to vote. I can only base this statement on the “first” numbers that appear in your article for the Mayors (Bertschi -964 and Trapani – 823).

As I walk my dog three times a day and shop locally in Morinville, I often hear people or talk to people who are complaining at something that is happening in this town and yet they can’t take the time to get interested or even to go vote.

I can only state to your readers and ask them to pass this on – if you don’t vote don’t complain to me or to anyone who did vote. If you truly are interested in what is happening in Morinville, it is time to get involved and take an interest. I will stay in tune as I will read the agendas and minutes of the council meetings and will attend those that are of interest to me.

Linda Lyons

Editor’s Reply: Linda thank you for the kind words about our election coverage. With respect to voter turnout, it may not be as low as it at first seems. Morinville has a population of approximately 7,600, of which roughly 4,000 are above the age of 18. Given there were 1,787 votes cast for mayor, I estimate a 44 per cent voter turnout. As some of those 4,000 would be ineligible to vote – have not resided in Morinville for six months or are not Canadian citizens, the percentage of eligible voters could be higher. I’m told Edmonton had a 34.3 per cent turnout at the polls. So Morinville was clearly above that. But you are right. Those who did not educate themselves and vote probably should complain to other ears.

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