Long-term care costs set to increase in 2011

By MorinvilleNews.com Staff

Edmonton – The province announced Tuesday that long-term care facility operators will adjust accommodation fees beginning Feb. 1, 2011 to reflect increases in operating costs. However, the government is planning to cap the increases at three per cent to maintain affordability.

When the new fee structure kicks in early next year, the maximum accommodation fee operators can charge in long-term care facilities will increase to:

  • Private room—$55.90 per day from $54.25 (for an average monthly rate of $1,700)
  • Semi-Private room—$48.40 per day, from $47.00 (for an average monthly rate of
  • $1,472) Standard room—$45.85 per day, from $44.50 (for an average monthly rate of $1,395)

“This fee increase carefully balances the need for operators to address rising costs of delivering quality accommodation and related services, while ensuring fees paid by residents are reasonable,” said Mary Anne Jablonski, Minister of Seniors and Community Supports in a release Tuesday. “We will continue to assist low-income residents to help offset the fee adjustment.”

About 8,100 of the approximately 14,700 Albertans in long-term care facilities receive financial assistance through the ASB and AISH programs.

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