Morinville looking for input on Municipal Sustainability Plan

By Staff

Morinville – Residents now have an opportunity to participate in Morinville’s ongoing work with its Municipal Sustainability Plan (MSP). The Town unveiled a new online survey Friday, giving residents an opportunity to provide their input into the plan that will take Morinville through its next quarter century.

In 2009, Morinville sought public input for its Community Consultation Towards a Municipal Sustainability Plan, a document that was released earlier this year and included proposed goals, actions and strategies.

The new survey results will be integrated within the Community Consultation document to shape and inform the direction and issues pursued in the MSP.

The Environmental Scan and Stakeholder Survey is divided into ten sections, beginning with the survey participants relationship to the process and dealing with 11 issues identified by the consulting firm employed to consult with the town on the project.

The 11 issues include, happiness and quality of life, demographic shifts and vulnerable population, equity and affordability, energy consumption and peak oil, climate change, public health and community safety, changing local government and citizen’ expectations, global and economic change, transportation and mobility, built environment and housing, and ecological health.

The survey also deals with the importance and standing of each six developmental pillars: governance, cultural, social, economic, infrastructure and environmental.

The survey takes between 20 minutes and a half hour to complete and can be accessed by clicking here.

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