Garage sale to benefit food bank

By Staff

Morinville – Pleasant Homes, located west of Morinville just off Highway 642, will be opening its doors this Friday and Saturday for their 4th Annual Charity Garage Sale. Once again this year, the funds raised through the two-day event will be matched by the local home manufacturer and donated to the Morinville Food Bank Society.

Linda Ferguson, a sales representative with Pleasant Homes for the past decade, got the idea for the garage sale four years ago as a way to give something back to the community.

“The first year we actually donated to the Santa Store,” Ferguson said, noting that Morinville did not have a Santas Anonymous program. “I did want to keep the money local since it’s really the local people that support it. Since then it’s been the food bank since there’s been quite a demand for the food bank.”

Last year the garage sale raised $2,000 which was matched by Pleasant Homes to bring the donation to $4,000 total. Ferguson said she hopes to increase that amount this year. “I always try and beat my year before,” she said. “I told them I have to be over [$2,000] this year or I’m not going to be happy. This year if I were to make $2,500 I’d be thrilled because that means $5,000. Any time I’m selling something, I know it’s worth twice as much as I’m selling it for because Pleasant [Homes] has to match me on it.”

Ferguson said the garage sale draws a wide-range of items, including furniture, tools, kitchen wares, musical instruments and other items. “We canvass every friend and relative we have for whatever they will give us,” Ferguson said, noting new and gently used items can be donated to the garage sale until Oct. 28. “They can drop it off anytime, but the odds of it selling are better if it could be here by Thursday night.”

The Pleasant Homes Charity Garage Sale takes place Oct. 29 and 30 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. For further information contact Linda Ferguson at 780-939-3584.

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  1. Congratulations to Pleasant Homes for stepping up to the plate to support local charities. Another example of local business helping charities do their work in Morinville. These type of events make business succesful and make local charities successful. Thank you all.

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