Morinville coupon book hits mailboxes next week

Steve Hunter of Hunters Print and Copy in downtown Morinville displays a prototype of the coupon book that will hit Morinville and area mailboxes next week.

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Mailboxes in and around Morinville will be stuffed with savings early next week. That’s the official launch date for a new coupon book being coordinated by Hunters Print and Copy in downtown Morinville.

Owners Steve and Denise Hunter said they have been toying with the idea for some time now of producing and distributing a Morinville-centric coupon book to let people know what businesses were in town and to encourage people to shop locally.

“We’ve been kicking around this idea for a long time, but with the election on, the subject of business in town came up a lot,” Steve Hunter said. “That kind of spurred us to get on it and get it going. I think the main thing that made us get off our butts and get this going was during the election the conversation always going back to people not supporting businesses and the banter going back and forth. This will give people a reason to shop here or get them in your door.”

Hunter said a lot of coupon books come into town, but inevitably the coupons are for city businesses which drive traffic out of Morinville. “This is geared towards Morinville business so that not only can people use the coupons in Morinville, but it brings to their attention what businesses are here. A lot of people don’t know that these businesses exist.”

It’s something the Hunters have experienced first hand. After three years on 100 Avenue they still get people coming in that did not know the business was there.

The Hunters see their coupon book as an opportunity to get customers in the door, allowing first time visitors to see what Morinville stores and services have to offer. One thing Hunter said he believes people will find is that many Morinville businesses are offering comparable prices to city stores with the added benefit of local service.

“I always hear people say, ‘Well, I’ll pay a little more to shop local,’” he said. “But why should they have to? In our eyes, we base our prices on our costs, obviously. But we make sure we’re competitive with the city.”

It is something the Hunters believe many Morinville businesses do, and it is something they believe the new Morinville Coupon Book will show in full-colour savings.

Approximately 5,000 coupon books will be sent out via Canada Post next week, covering Morinville and surrounding area.

But the Hunters are looking to expand the territory covered by their advertising and marketing product. As more businesses come on board, they will be able to broaden the distribution to cover Legal, Bon Accord, Gibbons and other parts of Sturgeon County.

Denise Hunter said the first coupon book is made up of sixteen businesses the Hunters see on an almost daily basis. However, she is quick to point out they will be canvassing the whole of Morinville’s business community to make sure everyone has an opportunity to participate.

“We’ll invite every business in Morinville to put a coupon in there,” Denise said, noting that with Christmas season around the corner, their coupon book is an opportunity for local business owners to draw shoppers into their businesses to show the community what they have to offer.

But in addition to offering Morinvillians an opportunity to save in local shops, the Hunters believe their coupon book will save businesses money, too.

“We have done mail outs ourselves, and we know how costly it is,” Denise said. “By all coming together, it keeps the costs low for everybody. So every business can get in, from the very small business to the larger business.”

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  1. Just wanted to congratulate both Steve and Denise on this idea. Hopefully it will help people to take a look around town before they shop elsewhere.

  2. BoothSki- the Copy Shop were the last Morinville business to create, print and distribute coupon books in town. Good to see Morinville has a revival of its coupon books. The last coupon books, started by Bookski, by Pat and Lloyd -proved successful- they had to reprint them several times. It is good to see that Hunters- who bought the Bootski business are reviving this incentive to shop locally.
    Boothski had numerous other local incentives and hopefully these will also be revived.
    BoothSki- the Copy Shop had two locations in town – upstairs of the then T &C Cafe (now the Body Shop) and where Sals’ Pizza is currently located.

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