COP to begin Christmas car patrols


Morinville – Well known for patrolling the streets of Morinville by car looking for suspicious activities, the Citizens on Patrol are about to begin patrolling on foot looking suspicious themselves.

The local watchdog organization will start its annual car check program next week, roaming high traffic areas, including parking lots and shopping areas, looking for vehicles unlocked and at-risk vehicles.

“Each unattended vehicle surveyed will receive, under the windshield wiper, a ‘ticket’ identifying areas of vulnerability or strength along with an AMA placard,” said COP spokesperson Randy Jordan. “Other than the placement of these materials, we never attempt to gain entry to vehicles and maintain a strict hands-off approach.”

Jordan said the organization is hoping to remind people of the importance of taking precautions during the Christmas season. Simple actions, including ensuring no items are in plain view, making sure security systems are on, turning off the engine and making sure the vehicle is locked, can go a long way to make sure your car and its valuables remain safe.

Jordan said the COP’s first patrol will take place in the No Frills parking lot Nov. 30 at noon and be followed throughout the season by visits to other locations.

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