Titans defeated in rematch

Stephen Wintermute of the Edmonton Avalanche prepares to launch a shot at Titans’ backstop Jordan Brand Sunday night. The Avalanche defeated the titans 4-3. Brand was pounded with 41 shots during the contest, stopping all but four. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Sunday night’s 4-3 loss to the Edmonton Avalanche gave the Morinville Titans their second defeat of the week. Earlier in the week the Titans were shootout by the SWZ Oil Kings in a 4-0 road game upset.

The back-to-back defeats effectively put an end to the Titans’ long undefeated streak, a run that extended to 12 games and was built of two ties and ten wins, seven of which were consecutive.

But Sunday night’s home-ice contest saw the Titans facing off against a team who were eager to pick up a road win to counter the 3-1 home ice defeat the Titans delivered the Avalanche Nov. 23.

But neither side was able to ripple the other sides mesh during the first period. Titans backstop Jordan Brand stopped all nine shots sent his way.

However, the Titans fell behind considerably in the middle frame, giving up three goals and gaining none. The Avalanche’s first and third goal was scored on a break-away; their second on the powerplay with Titan Mike Klein in the box on a roughing call.

Third period game play saw the Avalanche pounding the Titans with another 15 shots, 14 of which were stopped by Brand.

Although the Titans rallied in the third with three goals, they remained one shy of bringing the game to a tie and picking up a point for having done so.

The Titans now stand with an 11-3-3 record this season and only 11 games left to play.

The club’s next two games are home ice games. The titans take on the Wabumun Wings Friday night at 7:30 p.m. and the Seera Icemen Dec. 18.

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