Morinville has a year to look forward to Editorial

By Stephen Dafoe

With Christmas 2010 behind us, we are all on the rapid road to New Year’s Eve and the changing of the calendar year. Out with the old and in with the new, as the idiom goes. But with respect to Morinville, 2011 will very much be a year of remembering and preserving the old while welcoming the new. While the sash-wearing baby in a top hat may be chomping at the bit to arrive Jan. 1, father time is not necessarily being shown the door.

2011 marks Morinville’s 100th anniversary as a town. Although the community was incorporated as a village in 1901, it wasn’t until 1911 that it became a town, and it is that act of incorporation the community will celebrate throughout 2011.

We’ve come a long way from the days of Grand Brûlé, as the area was known at the time when Abbé Jean-Baptiste Morin brought settlers from Quebec and the United States.

Much of Morinville’s history will be remembered, celebrated and even re-enacted in 2011, and while that is something residents can look forward to, it is not the only thing the community has to look forward to.

Early in 2010, Morinville will officially launch its new logo and branding, and although a new logo and slogan are nothing to run through the streets in celebration of, the purpose of the rebranding is something to look forward to, particularly if the Town’s marketing program is successful. If Morinville, through its re-branding and marketing, can convince industry, commerce and families that Morinville is the place to settle, we all win. Residents win by welcoming new families to the community as neighbours and friends. Ratepayers win by having more commercial taxpayers at the table to alleviate the 93/7 residential/commercial tax split that was a major issue during last fall’s election campaign. And our business win because an increase in commerce on Main Street increase the likelihood that residents will find more reasons to shop local rather than travelling to the city.

Summer 2011 will see the official opening of the Community Cultural Centre, and regardless of where one falls on the possible noise or deficit issues, the new facility opens up a new world of cultural opportunities for the community. Whether an art show, concert or major theatrical production, Morinville will be able to get its dose of the arts right her at home.

Whether it’s new families, new businesses, new facilities or an expanded St. Jean Baptiste Festival or Canada Day celebrations, 2010 is a year we can all look forward to participating in as volunteers or as spectators.

Let the celebrations begin. will be taking advantage of what is traditionally a slow news week between Christmas and New Year’s to take a bit of a break. Although we will bring you any news of major significance, we will not be resuming our daily coverage until Jan. 3.

We encourage readers to pick up a copy of the Dec. 27 edition of Monday Morning News to see our 2010 year in review. You can download the edition by clicking here.

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