Reader disagrees with Horner

Dear Editor:

Regarding: MLA Doug Horner, Recent Legislation and Transmission Lines:

MLA Doug Horner has recently distributed a pamphlet to Sturgeon and Spruce Grove residents in his riding. Unfortunately, he is still touting that the recent legislation that was passed by the PC’s bills 19, 36 and 50 do not take away land ownership rights and that Bills 19 and 36 do not supersede the Alberta Bill of Rights. Again, this is just incorrect and anybody with a desire to read the legislation or consult with a lawyer would also understand. The written word is a powerful thing, especially when it is written by cabinet and passed as law. I think Mr. Horner forgot that the Bills are actually written and documented for all to read and will be interpreted by Lawyers and Judges. Mr. Horner’s “wand of many wishes” will not appear when Albertans need to fight the consequences of these bills in a court of law. These bills that were passed by the PC government have become law, and Albertans will suffer the devastating consequences if the government does not repeal the bills.

Parkland and Sturgeon County residents have been told that the Heartland Transmission Line will not come through Parkland/Sturgeon County. I suspect that this is also a product of the “wand of many wishes”. There will be two 500 kv lines that will bring power from Wabamum to the North. The Parkland/Sturgeon Blue line is the alternate route for the first line that was applied for in September, and will be decided at the AUC hearing which is scheduled for Apr. 11, 2011. If the first line goes through the Sherwood Park TUC [transpiration/utility corridor], we can anticipate that the second line will go through the Parkland/Sturgeon area, the Wabamum to Fort McMurray 500kv line. All Albertans, including Sherwood Park, Parkland County and Sturgeon County residents and Councils should fight these lines based on “what is in the public’s best interest” and the “socio/economic impacts” on Albertans and big business. Anything less… and all Albertans will suffer.

If you wonder if this is fact, you need only look at the Alberta Electric Systems Operator’s (AESO) brochure volume 4, Issue 1 that states:

“The AESO is also developing a competitive bid process to select a transmission facility owner to build the Edmonton to Fort McMurray transmission Reinforcement. A contract should be awarded early in 2011 pending AUC approval.”

It is another bill 50 CTI (critical transmission infrastructure) and is also documented in their “AESO Long-term Transmission System Plan”, complete with a map showing the first and second 500kv lines which originate at Wabamum. This is more written word, and more reason to believe that some of our government’s MLAs have been placing their trust in wishes. The second 500kv line was also confirmed by AESO, Altalink and Epcor when seven representatives from Parkland and Sturgeon met with them several weeks ago.
If you are tired of wishing and wands, please read the bills and look at the AESO website. Albertans need to know the truth, and it’s out there… in black and white.

Colleen Boddez
Sturgeon County

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