Mayor Don Rigney makes statement on Stelmach

Statement from Mayor Don Rigney, Chair of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association

On behalf of Sturgeon County Council and Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association, I would like to thank Premier Ed Stelmach for the outstanding leadership he has provided the citizens of Alberta during his 25 years of public service.

During the last four years, probably the most turbulent, uncertain and transformational years since the “Dirty ‘30”, Premier Stelmach proved he was the right man at the right time. His commitment to building Alberta’s infrastructure and securing value-added industry will be his legacy that will pay dividends to all of us for many generations to come.

Premier Stelmach took particular pride in what Alberta enabled he and his family to achieve. He took even greater pride in assuring all Albertans had the same opportunity. This was Premier Stelmach’s guiding spirit.

It is our good fortune he has championed projects such as the Anthony Henday Ring Road and the Bitumen Royalty In Kind (BRIK)/Value-Added Strategy. BRIK will ensure our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality and do it in Alberta. It will also secure maximum benefit from our raw resources for all Albertans and enhance and stabilize revenues for essential services such as healthcare and education.

Don Rigney
Mayor Sturgeon County
Chair of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association

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