Editorial: Recognizing the best we have to offer

A MorinvilleNews.com Editorial

February 14 marks a special occasion around our newsroom. Monday Morning News has just released its 13th issue marking more than three months of coverage in Morinville and MORINVILLENEWS.COM has been online providing Morinville and surrounding area with its daily dose of news for the past eight months.

Over that period of time we have had the unique opportunity to view all aspects of the community from its government to its ratepayers; from its volunteer groups to its leaders in commerce.

It occurred to us that there is much to take pride in here in Morinville and that perhaps we had the vehicle and roadway upon which to drive an award that would recognize the excellence that Morinville has to offer.

Not an awards ceremony like the excellent Business Awards Gala put on by the Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce or a recognition of the many volunteers who are the cement that holds the bricks of the community together. Rather we envisioned a series of awards for the people of Morinville from the people of Morinville.

And what better name to give the award than that of our own community everyman – Joe Morinville? What better year to launch such a public recognition than Morinville’s centennial year?

Over the next few months, Monday Morning News will team up with MORINVILLENEWS.COM to create and coordinate a people’s choice series of awards recognizing the best and brightest Morinville has to offer.

For that to happen and for this to be truly a people’s choice award, we need your help in determining what elements of Morinville are worthy of recognition.

It’s easy to add categories for best breakfast, best pizza and best customer service, but we’d like to see the Joe Morinville award be something more than honouring our business community.

Most effective local politician, best local festival, favourite hockey team, favourite Morinvillian are but a few award possibilities.

We invite readers of both publications to come up with other categories between now and Mar. 31.

You can e-mail your award category ideas to editor@morinvillenews.com or editor@mondaymorningnews.com.

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  1. I stumbled across this website today and I was thrilled to see that Sturgeon County has another voice besides that other paper from Morinville. I have taken some time to read the thoughtfully written articles and overall I’m impressed. However your top header includes all the towns and areas of Sturgeon County, yet most of the articles in the various editions centre around Morinville. I hope that your focus will expand and your reporting will include other areas. You have the potential and the ability to galvanize and activate the whole county with this website. I look forward to reading future editions.
    Layla Pretzlaff

    • Thank you for the kind words. We do cover the other communities listed in the masthead when there are major stories to cover; however the website is called MorinvilleNews.com and Morinville is and shall remain our primary focus.

      In a day and age when corporate newspapers are cutting back staff, it is not prudent for us to hire all the staff required to fully cover every community in Sturgeon County to the level that we cover Morinville. Our success as a publication is that we can offer attractive advertising rates and that requires running a mean and lean ship.

      We hope to achieve that level of coverage, but it will take a little longer than the eight months we’ve been around.

  2. I too just stumbled across this site a few days ago. I love the fact that there is a vehicle for readers to ‘Feedback’ on stories and open public debate on the issues. The site is on my Favorites List and I will be checking in often. Great Job and Thank you!

    • Thank you, Scott. as said earlier, as the publication grows, so too will our coverage of all areas.

      We have some exciting news about some new features coming to the website in the not too distant future.

      One of the great abilities of this medium is the rapidity of releasing news. We were at County Council this morning and are about to post a few articles from that meeting early this afternoon.

      No longer does the community have to wait until the next issue comes out to keep up with what is going on. No longer does the community have to write a letter to the editor to make their voice heard.

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