1. Again, it is hats off to you Stephen for a good editorial. I’m smiling as the week the article ran in Monday News about the library banning books, my husband and I were part of the conversation with another couple. They were talking about how foolish this was while I was quietly reading the article and then we had a good laugh and both couples took the paper home to read more closely.

    I also wanted to thank you for covering the Grandmothers to Grandmothers or the Hat’s sale last week at the United Church. I made sure that all those associated with that group or friends of theirs received the news and are now more aware of MorinvilleNews.com. One lady thanked me and her relatives in England all got to see your video.

    So again thanks Stephen for a job well done.

  2. Good column. As a former journalist and professional communicator myself, I can empathize with your frustration at people who don’t read most are all of articles, or only skim headlines. Sometimes the latter is worse, for sure, since people who are only half informed can do a lot more damage than people who aren’t informed at all. But at least you are doing your part to make information and views available. Good on you.

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