Victim Services staff to participate in Canadian first

By Staff

Edmonton – The province announced its newest e-learning initiative Feb. 28, Canada’s first online training program for people who provide frontline services to victims of crime.

The program will enhance and standardize training across the province, and features interactive web links and videos.

Previously, staff was required to attend weekend classroom-based sessions; however, the new system allows them to take the training wherever and whenever they like.

“This unique e-learning initiative greatly improves access to training and helps improve our services to victims of crime throughout the province,” said Alberta’s Solicitor General and Minister of Public Security Frank Oberle in a release Monday. “I am pleased that, once again, Alberta is at the forefront of ensuring victims receive the help they need to rebuild their lives.”

The project was developed by Oberle’s ministry in conjunction with the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

The government said the online program will reduce long-term distribution and facilitation costs, increase training opportunities for volunteers and increase access for those in Aboriginal communities and remote areas, permit timely revision of materials to reflect legislative and policy changes and introduce standardized learning measures.
The program’s 35 modules deal with a variety of issues frontline victim services staff deal with, including crisis intervention, court orientation, e-crimes and domestic violence.

The province believes the online training will help ensure victims of crime continue to be treated with dignity and respect, while getting the best service possible.

Training is available to victim services staff, police liaison officers and criminal justice system stakeholders, including shelter and sexual assault workers, probation officers, parole officers and sheriffs.

The government anticipates 500 learners will take the online training this year.

Cost of the program is estimated at $168,000, received from the Department of Justice Canada Victims Fund.

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